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Ballistic Rip Collar

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Our Balistic Rip collars are designed using the latest in fabric technology. These collars are light and extremely strong. They feature secure D Ring attachments that most popular tracking collars slide into. These collars are flexible and allow the dog plenty of movement - perfect for fast agile dogs and strong enough for all holding dogs. Because of the synthetic fabric used these collars only hold 6% water and dry very quickly - your dogs will not get chaffed in these collars.

2 sizes available - MEDIUM = 350mm to 500mm     X LARGE = 430mm - 600mm

Measure right around your dogs neck in the same position the collar will fit.

Colours Vary

Customer Reviews

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Good gear

I have used a ballistic rip collar on my finder stopper for 2 years now. They are strong but don't chafe,allow for free movement, dry quickly and are easy to fit

Great Meat Head Collars

Used these on my mead head holders for a few years now. Not had any issues at all with them, thick and strong enough to take the blows and flexible enough for them to move without any noticeable restriction. Had tried a few other brands prior but kept having chaffing issues on the dogs necks rubbing them raw by the end of the hunt.

Never once had this issue with these collars, hence really rate them! They go on nice and easy, without fuss too which is a bonus. Pretty sure i cut off one of the D shackles on top as it was pinging on the tracking collar i was using at the time. Its not an issue with the T5 collars though. Non-the-less they're there if you need them, if not they lop of easy as with your trusty master key!