Carbon 5 inch Sheep Skinning Knife

5 inch

Do you remember the old original Green river knives Granddad used to have. The blade blackened as they aged and the wooden handle could be shaped through use or with sandpaper and sweat. They seemed to get better and better the more you used them and keeping a wicked sharp edge never seemed an issue…….

Well they are back! These original style knives made by Green river works in America are the real deal. Authentic USA made by the original factory the quality of the steel and the way they are made is just like they were 40 years ago – if it aint broke why fix it we reckon and these knives are some of the best we have used.
This style is a 5" blade in a traditional sheep skinning shape - super popular for skinning deer,sheep and pigs this is one of our most popular selling styles.


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