Pheasant Hoodie

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The explosive flush. That unmistakable cackle. Pointers locking up. A birdy Lab. An unforgettable wingshot. Your first rooster of the season. Limiting out on pheasants. Whatever your "thing" is, here's the hoodie for you.

Pheasant hunting is a time-honored outdoor tradition, and the sport keeps many people involved in hunting. It's a family activity. It helps form new friendships and strengthen existing ones. Bird dogs become more than just a pet, they become part of the family. Pheasant hunting requires knowledge, skill and as the season wears on, a battle against the elements. At times, you will succeed and feel the thrill of sliding that hard-earned bird into your game vest, and at times you will understand why they call the ring-necked pheasant the King of the Gamebirds. 

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