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Roar Printed Tee

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Have you ever tried hunting red stags during the roar or rut as it is also known.  This is a time when the red stag equivalent of testosterone takes precedent over commonsense and fear of man.  As the season approaches the male red deer become aggressive towards his male counterparts, departing from the “bachelor” groups they have been in since August / September in search of their harem and mating season.  During the rut or roar the red stags become very vocal giving out “roars” as a challenge to other red stag in the area.
This is an amazing and exciting time to hunt and our artwork shows this majestic animal in his true form!

Our Game Gear Premium cotton T-Shirts are built tough and made to last. The natural 100% cotton fabric is cool & dry in summer and warm in winter. Our Game Gear tees are well known for their thick cotton fabric that's incredibly strong, their luxurious softness and long lasting color. Match this with our in-house printing and exceptional artwork and you have one cool looking and long lasting tee.

We print these tees ourselves – if you want the print on the BACK of the shirt simply tell us in the comments when you place your order. Or call during work hours on 0508 699 665

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Awesome T Shirts

I have brought alot of these t shirts off you since you started selling them and are very happy with them.
Also find you a great company to deal with.


Awesome company to deal with. I got the t-shirt I ordered the next day which is just amazing service. And what a beautiful t-shirt it is. I will definately be back to order more from your website. Well done Game Gear !!!