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Adventure #4 - Bailed and Singed

He looked like Gandalf's brother....

You pig hunters are a weird bunch murmured Grant as he crept forward in his camo pajamas. Nothing weird about us I thought as I watched him sneaking around like a bent staple in a body fittting camo outfit. Come for a decent pig hunt you grumpy old bugger and I'll convert ya from chasing rats with hooves I offered. You look like a cross between something off Lord of the Rings and Aucklands K road in that camo rubbish. So with the gear loaded and a fella that looks awfully like Gandalf's brother in the passengers seat we were off down the coast to load up the freezer with prime eating pork. Lightweight bailing dogs were the go and manuka smoked wild pork was hopefully the end result.

The iron horse was our means of transport on this adventure and Grant certainly put it to the test - wasn't much he didn't drive over, through or around.

Grant - brother of Gandalf and avid deerstalker needed converting to the dark arts of pig hunting.

I hope you left your rifle at home I commented as we started unloading at the shearers quarters in Tiki Tiki - what if we see one in the paddock Grant inquired as he casually slid his rifle behind the seat of the buggy? So this is where I needed to get in quick and point out the difference between a deer stalker and a true blue pig hunter - So I laid out the one rule to follow on our Adventures - no pig can be shot unless there is a dog barking at it and if its film able no shot taken till the cameraman says go. If the dogs aren't barking you need to stick it - Bloody hell he replied your making things harder by the minute!

The noise maker - no shooting unless she is barking at it I told Grant.

Sam Bayliss hooked us up with some prime pig hunting country and was a legend on the hill- his dogs don't do much barking tho!

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