The beginning.....

Proud to be 100% Kiwi owned and operated, Game Gear was started In 2007 by Joel and Sharon Dickson. Early 2007 was a time when pig hunters were perceived as a rough bunch who purchased a cheap boning knife grabbed some bailing twine and were ready to go. We saw a need to focus on this market and it became the perfect testing ground for our gear. 

While deer hunters might get out 3-4 times a year, a keen pig hunter might go hunting 3-4 times a week in the middle of winter, therefore there is a greater demand for products that are not only affordable but also hard wearing. Our products are tested in a hunting environment and pushed to the limits to see what is capable of.  Everything has been developed from a hunter’s views and experience and only by trial and error can this be done to get the best results.   

From modest beginnings, our company and range of products has grown and expanded, along with the increase of pig hunters here in New Zealand and Australia.  Since 2013 we have been based in the beautiful Bay of Plenty with warehousing, manufacturing and an outlet store all on site and Game Gear has become one of the fastest growing outdoor hunting brands here in New Zealand. The intense focus on design and rigorous testing of all products has led to a concise range of performance outdoor clothing and accessories that now sells across a range of outdoor markets from hunting to farming and more.

the people

The key to any successful business is the people. We took a leaf out of the mafia playbook and have employed family first. Its is this family first attitude and the strong cohesive focus on growing the Game Gear brand that has allowed us to retain quality and expand. With every able bodied adult family member in the Bay of Plenty employed and kids still too young we are having to work harder and harder to keep up. Here are a few of the people you will meet when you contact us or call in see us.


After spending the last 22 years selling guns, hunting clothing and fishing gear in the sports industry you would think he would have run out of things to talk about. But for Joel there is always another trip in the wings and a new dog to train up. After starting Game Gear in 2007 he quickly appointed himself as chief of our product testing programme. 

You will struggle to catch him doing any real work during the week so after years of everyone being subjected to his hunting stories we decided to send a cameraman out to ensure he was actually doing something productive. Well what started as documenting the gear being used and tested has now evolved into Game Gear Adventures

Check out the videos and stay tuned - we have had to grudgingly admit that there are some benefits to having him out there testing all the gear. Our accountant still struggles with Joel's claims that his horse is a promotional vehicle and dogs being on the payroll as brand ambassadors.

Pig hunting on horseback is the ultimate escape. 

These fellas gave our rip collars a good test out.

Te Urewera - pig hunting in paradise.


After a lifetime of importing and wholesaling products we have told Les retirement is not an option. Business mentor/ outlet shop manager and keeping an eagle eye on the accounts is where you will find Les. Rugby, racing and bourbon are his three weaknesses and when it comes to rugby it is red and black. A real one eyed Cantabrian the closest this fella has come to hunting is when the Sky remote goes missing and then its all on. If you come into our outlet store  it is more than likely Les that will greet you. He is back to three days a week for summer and is out giving his gold card a thrashing.  


Full time printer and part time Mr fix it. You won't see much of Jase when you visit us but every printed tee/hoodie or singlet is done by this fella. Match that up with anything building or repair related and we keep Jase pretty busy.

The Tongan blood runs strong in this fella so our fridge is always empty and one cold beer is never enough. Any spare wild pork disappears in a hurry and we have even got him out there chasing a few around.

The ladies.......

Getting photos of the ladies working here is like chasing big foot - supposedly they exist but grab a camera and its a ghost town.Basically how it all works is us fellas do the talking and make all the mess but the real work goes on behind the scenes - with three ladies in the office and another three manufacturing it a 60/40 split. So whilst we are outnumbered and still well fed it is a great time to admit defeat and pack the camera away. Essentially when your order turns up lightning fast and the product is better than you expected you can be sure us fellas will claim all the credit. We all know who does all the real work behind the scenes but until it is proven with photographic evidence that they exist us fellas are taking all the credit.