Many of the larger New Zealand retailers work to a model of BUY CHEAP and then mark up excessively.  This allows for pre-planned “sales” of 50% off or buy one get one free. Think of Katmandu, Briscoes and in our sports industry Rebel sports and Hunting and Fishing.

These large retail chain stores can offer sales with up to 50% or 60% off and still retain a full mark up even when these goods are “ON SALE”. So really, what are you as the consumer getting for your money and what effect does this "sale based marketing have on quality?

We know that the end result of all this is that wholesale companies have to make products with predetermined retail sale prices and large retail margins in mind, these companies are forced to compromise quality and limit innovation in order to offer retail stores the large margin required to complete this "sale" based marketing. 

These same wholesale/importing companies then struggle to invest in research and development and product design. They begin to look over their shoulder at smaller innovative companies and pirate their designs and ideas. 

Essentially it is easier to let a small company break ground with new ideas then pounce, reduce the quality and offer this up to the larger retailers as the next big thing.


One of the biggest benefits of our direct to market approach is that we have a direct relationship with you - our customer!

Product development is continuous and on a weekly basis we are talking with hundreds of customers just like you. We see trends and concepts develop from this direct customer interaction. The most exciting part to this equation is we have the ability to spend more at the manufacturing end. Our buying decisions are made on a quality first basis. Zips/Domes sewing and fabrics are all chosen based on being fit for purpose - the restrictions around price are now longer an issue for us here at Game Gear.  

We design our gear to perform and stick to our tried and true policy of quality first. You will notice our website prices are lower than many retail stores and at first you may think this has an effect on quality you will receive….well YOU NEED TO THINK AGAIN!

What you are seeing here is simply the removal of the excessive retail margins due to our strong direct to the public approach. The end result is affordable quality and better product.

OUR new direct to you model allows the opportunity to deal direct which offers far more than just a better price. We offer a large range of gear and have the knowledge to make sure you get the right product. Fit, style, performance and the technology behind the products. 

There are a number of reasons why we design our products the way we do – with this knowledge in mind you can be assured you will get the right product.


Returns and warranties have become a major issue for consumers buying from large retail chains. WHAT YOU NEED TO ASK IS WHY? Surely if a product is designed right, tested and then made to the right specs it will perform as planned. When a product is made with compromised features and designed to meet a price rather than be fit for purpose it is of concern. If it doesn’t perform surely this would be a rare occurrence…….we think so! In fact we don’t even have a formal returns policy here at Game Gear for one reason- we don’t get enough returns to warrant having one! 

When you buy a Game Gear product from us it will perform. If it doesn’t meet your expectations for whatever reason I will personally do whatever it takes to send you out smiling. No big titles here for staff here at Game Gear but as the owner of the company I am available and you can contact me directly to discuss improvements or on the very rare occasion a return. 

Contact me anytime on the details below – if my response isn’t immediate please understand one of my key perks is product testing all the new gear and sometimes wrestling a big boar or carrying out a good stag can take me away for the odd day or two. 

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If you have something you need to discuss or an improvement you reckon we could make give me a yell on the details below. 

If it is during work hours you will get a quick response....after 5pm well that is a different story.