ADVENTURE #6 Mangatu

Pig hunting on horseback has to be the ultimate adventure. when you do it with a fella that was basically born in the saddle and on horses purpose bred for hunting its just all that much better again.

Our story makes us unique

Adventure #6 is a cracker. Good people, wicked horses and pigs and deer everywhere - it was a dream come true to ride with some true East Coast cowboys and my riding skills were certainly tested. Pigs, horses, good company and one hell of a boil up made this one of our best so far.

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Pics from the trip

Horses, dogs and pigs. Mix in some great people and it was an awesome trip. Horses are Maaka bred and some of the best we have ridden.

Quiet and strong

I think the horses might have learned a thing or two from Pauli - a bloody good buggar to hunt with.


4 legs beat 4 wheels hands down and real horsepower took us everywhere that a normal vehicle didn't.

All aboard

I've never finished a successful hunt so fresh and full of energy. The fact I walked like a cowboy for a week was irrelevant.