EPISODE #1 Rusty and Bear

Episode 1 is the first in this series and features Bear the dog and her best mate and shows some of the values a youngster gains from a life lived outdoors. 

Rusty and Bear

The bond between a boy and his dog is one of love, trust and a shared passion of the outdoors and hunting. Join us as we delve deeper into the stories behind some of the characters you see in our videos.


Snapshots of Rusty and Bear

Key moments and memories.

Rusty and Bear -Game Gear Beneath The Layers

Me & my mate

The relationship and bond between a young fella and his dog is one of trust and shared experiences and mischief....plenty of mischief!

Rusty and Bear the Pig Hunting Dog

Respect & responsibility

You learn a lot about looking after yourself and others when your responsible for taking care of a pet.

Game Gear Pig Hunting Dog -Bear

Almost human

If a dog could talk this one would have some stories to tell. Smart, loyal and always keen to hunt, what more could a young fella want in a best mate.