How to measure your dog to get the correct size?

Every dog is different, so how do I measure my dog to get the correct size?

In this article we will talk about how to measure your dog and easily find the size that will best fit.

Step 1: Neck Circumference

Measure around your dogs neck, halfway between the ears and the chest.

Game Gear Chest Plate Sizing Information

Step 2: Neck Length

Measure the length of your dogs neck, this measurement is taken from the base of an ear to the front of the chest (to where the blue line is).

Step 3: Chest Circumference

Measure around your dogs chest, this measurement is taken from right behind the front legs, under the brisket and up around the top of the shoulders.

Game Gear Pig Dog Chest Plate Sizing Information

The first step is all you need if you are after a Rip Collar and follow the full 3 steps if your looking at the Chest Plates/Vests.

Here is the Chart to convert your dogs measurements into a size. 

  Size Neck Circumference Neck Length Chest Circumference
Small  38-43cm  10-12cm 68-73cm
Medium 43-50cm 12-14cm 73-80cm
Large 50-60cm 12-14cm 80-95cm

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