ADVENTURE #9 Fast & furious @ Blue Duck

Join us as we travel throughout New Zealand testing and trialing our gear. Pigs, deer and some of the most stunning scenery you will see anywhere. In this video we mix some of the North Islands most beautiful scenery with Pigs, a chopper and some of our best bail up footage so far. Throw in a professional chef to prepare our catch and this is one Adventure you need to watch. 

World Class Scenery

“A newborn lamb is like a hot pie to a hungry pig so get those dogs of yours down here before we start having issues”. Dans request for help in thinning out a fair few troublesome pigs before he started lambing was an offer I couldn’t refuse.  Everything was mapped out and then mother nature stepped in and overnight everything changed. A prolonged deluge soaked the area and the slip prone hills crumbled.  Like most back-country fellas Dan attacked the problem head on and in no time we had a solution. Why plough through the mud when you could fly over it, a call to Precision Helicopters had a chopper on standby to taxi and ferry us to the areas where the pigs might cause issues during lambing.

Pics from the trip

Blue Duck Lodge is a magic place that is made even better by the people that call it home. 

He can carry!

Big Dan made the carry outs look easy. One hell of a good mate and the perfect fella to have on board when you are out on the hill.

Rabbit pie!

After eating well prepared rabbit it was time to stop treating it as dog tucker. Head shots only and in the pot from now on.

Queen B

This black and white super model sings a wicked song when the pigs are stopped.