Rip collars have evolved.......

Rip collar designs haven't really changed much over the last 40 years.......until now!

10 years ago tracking gear was a bulky radio based beep beep option. Roll forward to 2017 and we see Garmin offering GPS enabled tracking gear with features such as bark indication and built in training options like vibrate, shock and tone on a tracking collar. 

The key to all these features working correctly is that the tracking collar must fit against your dogs neck. This is where traditional rip collar designs fail!

Our new patent pending design allows your tracking gear to touch the dog's neck - all functions like shock,vibrate and bark indication work perfectly.

Protect your dog and your tracking gear at the same time. We have designed the Revolution rip collar to encase your tracking gear and your dog's neck area.

Tested - Trialed and Trusted 

since 2007

We don't just make good gear - we also thrash it to ensure that before anything is released it is bang on.

 Our revolution rip collar has been 2 years in the making with countless design changes. 

One big bonus for us has been the opportunity to class multiple hunting trips as a tax deductible "Product Testing" exercise! 

The Revolution rip collar comes in black with different coloured trim.

Righto take my money I'm buying one of these collars!

Still not convinced.......

Nothing destroys gear faster than a few tusky boars and a couple of bailing dogs that turn into holders. So grab your popcorn kick the boots off and get into this. 20 minutes of trying to destroy these Revolution rip collars down South with tusky Southern boars, bailing dogs that became holders and a true blue Southern man that still hasn't been beaten to a bail up yet - Game Gear Adventures #1 is live 10th March! Here is a taste of what is coming.