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Adventure # 5 - Fish and road trips

Winds variable 5 knots.....

Its not often a weather window lines up with one of NZ's top charter skippers offering to take you out chasing big kingfish at a seldom fished offshore reef. The fact that we were driving from Te Puke to Dunedin the following day for a pig hunt with All Black Liam Squire was almost enough reason to say no...... well almost! Hell why not just go for it and sleep on the ferry as we cross over I thought.

Livebait is an absolute essential for any kingfish mission and my skills at catching little fish were well proven so livebaits were all go and in no time we had more than enough loaded up.

Big donkeys down deep...

Hooking up is the easy part - getting these monsters to the surface isn't easy!

The little fella made it look easy - softy softly might be the best approach with these monsters.

When you drop a livebait down in this sort of country you just know your going to get dealt to and that its going to hurt. Max drag on 24 kg gear with monster kingfish attached and over 100 meters of line to retrieve is a recipie for pain and suffering.

Watch The Full Adventure Below

Pig hunting in paradise...

So after a big days fishing the previous day it was time to load up and begin the 1434 km journey. The 22 hours whizzed by as I sat in the Mitsubishi thinking through what 2 days hunting with All Black Liam Squire would be like.

Most good pig hunters are passionate about their dogs - Liam's no exception.

Always a pleasure to hunt behind good dogs - these two were absolute crackers.


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