Liam Squire Partners with Game Gear in 2018

Its not often we get to meet fellas right at the top of their game. 

On a worldwide stage there are none bigger than the All Blacks.

We received a call from Liam Squire's manager on a rainy afternoon late in 2017 - she quickly informed us that she had been instructed by Liam to secure a sponsorship deal with us. "Its a strange situation" she said as normally its a brand chasing an All Black, in this case Liam has told me that he wears that much of your gear already that he may as well be sponsored.

Liam wears  Game Gear  and absolutely loves it, he loves Pig Hunting as well

Want the Game Gear Carry Cape Liam Is wearing?

Hunting is my escape....

Professional sport can be tough and for me hunting recharges my batteries and allows me the opportunity to relax. 
I'm passionate about the outdoors and excited to partner with Game Gear in 2018!

Liam Squire All Black Partners with Game Gear

This honest and straight up approach that started our journey with Liam has been one of the huge similarities that has made this partnership  one that just fits.  

Our brand is build on rugged performance and good old fashioned honest values, Liam brings all these attributes to the table and is the perfect fit. 

First and foremost he is a hunter who plays rugby and he shares the same love of dogs and chasing pigs that we are passionate about. When things work in synergy great stuff happens so hold on to your hats for 2018 this thing is going to be big!


Game Gear Carry Cape

Carry Cape

Our carry cape fits easily on your belt in the pouch provided and rolls out to provide complete protection of your back, neck and butt.

Game Gear Bristle Buster - Pig Synger

Bristle Buster

Comes complete and ready to run. Simply hook it up straight to your LPG bottle with the supplied fittings and hose.

Game Gear Digital Scales

Digital Scales

These heavy duty digital scales weight up to 300kg with pinpoint accuracy. No more confusion over the weight of your big boar.