ADVENTURE #4 Tiki Tiki

The East coast is a hunters paradise. Pigs, deer and some of the best hospitality in NZ make this one place we look forward to heading back to. 

The East Coast.

Hospitality and good old fashioned down to earth Kiwi fellas. Game is seen as a valuable resource down the coast and it was a privilege to be able to hunt some beautiful country. We took what we needed and left the rest. The manuka smoked wild pork was fat and tasty, half the fun was in preparing what we had caught with some awesome company.

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Snapshots from the trip

Key moments and memories from our trip.

Men and dogs

You can normally judge a fella by the quality and nature of his dogs - Sams didn't make small talk but when things needed doing, look out!


The success of any trip is normally based on the hard work put in by the fellas we take - good to have a wizard on your team.

Manuka smoked?

Preparing what you catch is an art form when done right - the boys down the coast are some of the best at it.