New Zealand is a hunters paradise and offers the most amazing testing ground for outdoor clothing. We are based in Te Puke and are within 2 hours drive of snow covered mountains to the south or the rugged hills and rivers of Gisborne and the Motu area along the coast.

Weather changes quickly and with a large amount of hunting done on foot you need to carry the right gear at all times. We design our clothing to be light in physical weight and heavy on performance.

Our gear is extensively tested before being released for sale. This process starts with our pattern maker who first takes our ideas and creates a base pattern we can work to. Then its the sample machinist who steps in to make the first prototype sample. Here is where the real fun begins and anyone coming in to our outlet store will notice the gentleman's hours of 9-4pm Monday to Friday. This isn't so we can get away from work, in fact it is completely the opposite. A big part of our success is that we thrash all our prototype samples in one of the toughest hunting applications -Pig hunting.


Product testing and ensuring our gear works is a huge part of our success. This takes us out of the office and into some awesome spots and we meet some great people along the way. We all have different reasons for getting outdoors - our passion is hunting. We have partnered with one of NZ's best young film producers so you can come along with us as we test our gear in some of New Zealand's most beautiful scenery. Watch the preview video below or click this link to go straight through to check our our upcoming adventures.