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How To Clean Your Gear

Cleaning your Game Gear wet weather garment is simple and easy if you follow the two steps listed below. Remember only wash it when you need to, don't wash it every time you wear it. Sometimes just a hose off and line dry is all it needs.


Before washing your garment, zip the front main zip closed, close pockets completely and fasten all flaps and straps. Fellas - remove the bullets from the pockets and ensure that your essential length of toilet paper isn't still tucked away somewhere.

Machine wash on a warm permanent press cycle (maximum of 105º F/40º C) using a very small amount of liquid detergent. Rinse twice and minimize spinning to reduce creasing.

Do not use powder detergents or any products that contain fabric softeners, conditioners, stain removers or bleach as they will affect garment performance. Do not wash with other heavily soiled clothing.

Do not under any circumstances use bleach, nappy san or any other cleaners or fabric softeners - these products effect the adhesive used in the seam sealing process and will have a detrimental effect on the waterproofing of your garment.

A small amount of Lux flakes work well - or grab some of the Grangers product listed below.

We recommend the use of:

GRANGERS Wash + Repel is a unique wash-in product designed to deliver effective cleaning and durable water-repellency in a single wash cycle. All water-repellent clothing and equipment needs regular maintenance if it's to continue working at it's best.  

2. DRY

Line dry your garment but don't leave it sitting in the sun for days, or better still tumble dry it on a low, gentle cycle. If you dry it outside a further tumble dry of your garment for approx 20 minutes on a low heat will help to reactivate the durable water-repellent (DWR) treatment on the outer face of the fabric.

If you find the outer surface of your garment is wetting out and water is no longer beading off the fabric you will need to re apply a DWR coating. This coating is similar to a Scotch guard coating you might see on furniture to repel water and stains. 

The DWR coating does wear off with use and will need to be re applied as required

To renew the DWR coating we use and recommend:

Grangers Performance Repel Plus is a spray-on product designed to restore the water-repellent finish found on all outdoor and technical clothing.

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