Wild Food #2

 Wild Boar

Pig hunting isn't for everyone but light bailing dogs and tusky boars make for an exciting change for Hamiora

Wild Boar

I'm mad about pig hunting and enjoyed making sure Hamiora gets a taste for tusky Motu wild boars.


Dog First Aid Kit

Dog First Aid Kits

This First Aid kit is an emergency kit for your dog to help stabilise injuries until they get professional help

Game Gear Bristle Buster

Bristle Buster

Great for preparing your pork and also heating hangi stones.

Extreme Chaps

Game Gear Extreme Chaps are hard wearing and durable. Made from our new GX3 Fabric.

Snapshots from the trip

Key moments and memories from our trip.

The view

Waking up to this view was something I really miss.

Pig magnet

For a deerstalker Hamiora certainly took a liking to pigs.

The bail up

The ultimate - 2 dogs and a rifle. Clean controlled and always exciting.