Wild Food #3

 Wanganui Rabbits

Pig hunting isn't for everyone but light bailing dogs and tusky boars make for an exciting change for Hamiora

Wanganui Rabbits

Sometimes opportunity presents itself and we didn't say no to rabbit pie. Horses, a back country hut and rabbit pie is a combination from years gone by and one we enjoyed.


Game Gear Thermals


Warmth..........what more do we need to say about these thermals! 

Blast Tusker Hunting Jacket

Blast Full Zip

Blast Jacket features Ballistic nylon wear pads for durability and strength

Game Gear Cocoon


Our Cocoon offers the best features of both a hammock and tent in one

Snapshots from the trip

Key moments and memories from our trip.

Back country

Riding horses to an old  back country hut - does it get any better than this.

Rabbits everywhere

We could hunt for hours to try and shoot a deer or spend 20 minutes and get 10 rabbits.....

Rabbit pie

A back country hut, horses tied up outside and rabbit pie on the fire.