ADVENTURE #8 - Catch em - Cook em

With a huge assortment of wild game available for the table we head off to catch em cook em. We load up a young fella and his pup and set him loose with the one rule being "you catch it -  you cook it". Its not long before we are sitting down enjoying sweet and sour pork and Tikka Masala.

You catch it - You cook it!

With wild game plentiful and a young fella that loves to shoot and doesn't often miss its a great opportunity to live off the land for a few days. Join us as we live like kings dining on sweet and sour wild pork and goat Tikka Masala. Pups, pigs and the odd bit of shooting mixed in with great company and some solid 4x4 action and this is one to sit down and watch.



Pics from the trip

Great company and one hell of a place to hunt - here are a few photos from the trip.

Its a donkey!

178 lb and one hell of a jaw - Pauli sent this one to sleep before he could do any damage.

Little people

Taking the kids out hunting is a great opportunity for them to stretch their legs and enjoy the best of what nature has to offer.

The pup

Responsibility is a great lesson learnt. Feeding and training a pup teaches young fellas life lessons.