Game Gear Cocoon Instructions

To get the best out of your new Cocoon we have put together some basic set up instructions. 

Now I know most of you fellas will be reading these instructions after already trying and making mistakes so start at number 1, work your way down and behave yourselves! 


The ultimate distance between the 2 trees or hanging points should be between 3-5 metres


The hanging point should be about 1.2 metres or higher above the ground.


Use the tree straps to loop around the tree trunk - you can loop around the tree twice to reduce the length of the tree strap if the distance between trees is only 3 meters. Put the end with the stitched ladder attachment points through the end loop and pull tight.


Hook the gold coloured carabiner clip at one end and pull tight – adjust the tension by moving the clip up or down the stitched ladder attachment points on the tree strap. You can offset the hammock to be closer to one end if required – it does not need to be hung directly in the center. Tension should be firm – do not make it super tight.


Put the aluminium alloy poles through the two net tubes on the top of the hammock and click the ends of the poles into the round eyelets in the webbing attachment straps


Tie the stretchy guy ropes to the webbing ring one on either side of hammock. The other end of the rope tie attaches to the ground with the aluminium alloy pegs provided. These stretchy cords hold the hammock in place when you are not in it – when your weight is in the hammock these stretchy cords are not required to stop you tipping out so don’t worry – gravity is your friend and you won’t tip out!


Lay the outer waterproof cover on the hammock. Make sure the opening of the outer cover and the net is in the same direction. Use the attached clips to secure one side of the waterproof cover to the webbing attachment strap. On the other side remove the alloy pole and place the waterproof covers attachment eyelet under the existing eyelet in the webbing attachment strap.


Tie the small fabric ties which are inside the tent to the corresponding position on the pole. This locks the poles in position and holds the waterproof cover firm when you get in the hammock.


Attach the black carabiner clips to the attachment point above the existing gold clip on the tree strap. Tension the waterproof cover with the grey webbing and tie off the ends of the waterproof cover to seal it off.


Any questions feel free to contact up via email or Facebook