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Harvesting a meal from the outdoors and using basic bushcraft skills to live well in the New Zealand back country is a skill many kiwi pioneers have perfected over the years.

 Join these two fellas both passionate about the outdoors as they set out to not only harvest but also cook some of New Zealand's premier game animals.

Hunting-conservation-bush craft cooking and some of the most stunning scenery in the world - all professionally filmed and edited. 

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Raukokore Red Deer


 Wild venison cooked on a smoky fire is one of the best outdoor meals.

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Tekahika Wild Boar


Wild boar cooked low and slow over the embers of a camp fire


Wanganui Rabbits


Traditional rabbit pie over a crackling fire and cooked in a camp oven


Wild food is the common ground that helps to explain hunting. Harvesting an animal to provide nourishment for oneself and loved ones creates a level of respect and a degree of understanding that crosses the rift between hunters and those that prefer to pay others to procure their protein for them. 

As hunters we strive to secure the most organic, healthy and untouched food we can find and in doing so also find that some parts of today’s conservation focus works in tandem with our passion for protecting the vast untouched beauty of the back country.

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