Strike Vest

RRP $169.00

Half way between a Rip collar and a full Rip Vest is our new Strike Vest.

Neck-Chest and brisket is well protected and the dogs remain free moving. You can now choose between the standard vest or to have the stinger slit added.

No straps or buckles—simply slide over the dogs head and close the neck to the size required. Tested and trialed in Blackberry and thick gorse and the dogs are super free moving with no restriction.

 Made from the same tough Carbon spectra fabric as the Elite range, this vest is a simpler version of the chest plate without the clips and straps but offers the same great protection.  One size fits most. Colours vary. When fitting to your dog don't do the collar up too tight - if you allow a loose fit so you can get a couple of fingers under the collar this will allow the vest to naturally fall back into place - too tight and it can no only move and stay in the wrong position but will cause your dog discomfort.


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