Have You Watched Our First 3 Adventures?

Are you are here for a quick heads up on whats next? 

Well without letting the cat out of the bag so to speak here is a quick update from Joel:

We have been filming flat out and will be releasing a heap of new footage in 2018 Traveling up and down the country we have met up with some great fellas and frightened plenty of critters into the chiller. 

We have received a heap of comments/questions on why we focus heavily on pig hunting? 

The answer is simply that in terms of both testing our gear and testing ourselves there is no better...or worse pursuit than pig hunting. We end up in the deepest darkest gully's crawling through the worst in vegetation and terrain to gain ground on what is arguably NZ's most dangerous game animal. 

Simply doing this for fun is one thing but when you throw in expensive camera and audio gear and need to not only get there yourself but ensure a cameraman makes it and the action is film able you have one hell of a challenge on your hands. 

Mix in the fact that we allow 4 days to film a full adventure and you realize why people always say stay away from animals and kids when filming. Its almost like a competition weekend, you see game everywhere the week before but even think of packing a camera and everything disappears. 

We will only run true bailing dogs and strive to film ethical footage that promotes pig hunting and shows that its not all about smash and bash so the bigger boars can prove elusive and hard to stop. Nothing stirs the blood and gets you racing through seemingly impenetrable scrub faster than a solid bail up and as far as gear testing this is the time where you really see if the gear is up to it. 

Phillip Holden wrote a book called '2 dogs and a Rifle' for us he sums things up perfectly.

Here is a quick photo montage to wet your appetite 

Safe effective travel is the key and when you have dogs, hunters and a heap of expensive camera gear on board. You cant beat our new Kawasaki Mule.

Mangatu game Gear Adventure

Sometimes even the Kawasaki doesn't cut the mustard. That's when you cant beat a well bred East Coast taxi.

See our Mangatu Adventure

Catch em cook em adventure

Catching them is fun but eating them with good mates and family is the icing on the cake - cant beat the old methods of preparing a good eating pig.

See our Catch em Cook em Adventure

You will have seen Bear on most of our Adventures - pull out a camera and deer,pigs and anything else we want to film seems to disappear...not Bear! This show pony thinks she is a super model and turns it on for the camera - she even catches the odd pig or two.

Is the Begara 44 mag enough gun....this big fella certainly tested us and if your wanting up close and personal footage you wont beat the action we filmed on this guy. Lets just say when you meet this fella coming the other way at high speed Mr Pig wins....

Another boar decides to stop and listen to Bear singing a song....must have liked what he heard cause he hung around just long enough for the finale.

Bailed and Singed.

Game Gear Adventures is back for 2018. Our professionally filmed hunting series starts again at the end of March. Hold on to your seats 2018 has some cracking footage stacked up. First to launch is this wicked Adventure in the East coast of the North Island. Manuka singed wild pork anyone?

Horseback Pig Hunt

The second of our Adventures for 2018 is a cracker. Good  people, wicked horses and pigs and deer everywhere - it was a dream come true to ride with some true East Coast cowboys and my riding skills were certainly tested. Pigs, horses, good company and one hell of a boil up made this one of our best so far.